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Erie Long-Term Care Rider

Coverage for when you can no longer care for yourself.

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What is Erie’s Long-Term Care Rider?

This is an add-on to a qualifying life insurance policy, provided by Erie Insurance. Private health insurance or Medicare may not cover the expenses of long-term care (LTC) services, which is why adding a rider for this type of coverage can ensure you are fully protected no matter what the future brings.

What It Provides

An Erie LTC rider provides financial support in the event you require a caretaker (in-home or at a healthcare facility) for an extended period of time. Your need for long-term care could arise suddenly, as the result of a serious medical event, or it could develop slowly as you age. Whatever the reason, Erie’s LTC rider will protect you from the burden of expensive long-term care services.

Stand-Alone LTC Insurance vs. Erie’s LTC Rider

Unlike a stand-alone LTC policy, which offers no cash value, coverage for the rider comes from an acceleration of death benefits from a life insurance policy. In this way, payments for the long-term care services are deducted from the amount that will go to your beneficiaries when the life insurance policy is activated after your death.

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